Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gematrinator put down on rationalwiki

New Gematria

The Hall of Fame

This Bearded Person in the comments doesn't seem to understand what "photographic memory" means or he's trying too hard to look cool. 

"Those pesky Freemasons did make sure to make our lives easier by encoding the most common word in the English language."

(The Mindless Freaks)
Not sure which is scarier. A) The thin blue line/men in blue wearing blue or B). Billions of people wearing blue at some time. Verification-Some people wear blue and it equals 13. Just in case you were wondering

The Mark of the Beast is allegedly a circle. Since the Number of the Beast is 666, maybe a little bit of triangular math will clear up that circular logic. Do you know the etymology of TRIgonometry?

(The Mindless Freaks)
Maybe instead of making a custom cipher you can just do numerology on wildcard characters that can represent anything else. Holy sh*t!

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