Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Operation Justice March 4/7/2018

April 7 is the 97th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 268 days remaining.


April seventh in Roman numerals
IV.VII" = 137 (Franc Baconis) 33rd prime
Washington DC" = 137 (English Ordinal)
IV.VII" = 41 (Jewish Reduction) 13th prime
IV.VII" = 77 (Jewish Ordinal)(DC meridan)
IV.VII" = 1427 (Jewish)225th prime
IV.VII" = 239 (Reverse Satanic)52nd prime
IV.VII" = 227 (Primes)22/7=3.14=PI

Operation Justice" = 74 (Full Reduction)
7/4 = Fourth of July
74=7/4 mirror of 47=4/7

47 (Full Reduction)
President, Authority, Christian, Star of David, Foundation, division, seven eleven,
Ash Wednesday, Framework, full circle, meditation, Orthodox, Preacher, New Jerusalem, Wonderland, Gnosticism, Hand of God, sacrifices, Dead Sea scrolls, border wall, solar deity, graveyeard, two witnesses, sapphire, Times Square, imperial,
tradition, chemical attack, rebellion. Shriners, foreign, Club of Rome, royal arch, Bnai brith, Mazzaroth, The Deep State, Ritual Death, Congressman, habeas corpus,
occult ritual, Protesters, Royal Blood,

47 (English Ordinal)
Time, Judge, beast, agent, gavel, France, Goy, Obey, bull, Caesar, force, Roma, Haiti,
banks, ISS, kneel, save, zika, shoe, blond, nomad

47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
government, White House, Suicide, Vatican, Francis, arsenal, trinity, twitter, democrat, homosexual, racist, Scotland,
evolution, Mein kampf, policeman, fake death, passover, rabbit, ramadan, Feminism,
Bin Laden, one one seven, uncle sam, Fascism, Blue blood, Spectrum, white power,
akhenaten, official, Marines, snowflake, fight club, ponzi scheme, higgs boson, chosen people, Mithras, Proverbs, community,
black ops, reporter, chromosome, exorcism, Agreement, Royal Navy, Tea Party, Doctrine,
See No Evil

47 (Reverse English Ordinal)
Trump, DC, News, NSA, cop, guns, sport, wars, kin

74 (Full reduction)
Independence day, alphabetic order, white supremacist, Synchronicity, Black panther party, One eighty seven, King James Version,
House of Windsor, yellow brick road, Behold a Pale Horse, Eleventh of March, Pythagoras of Samos, third world war, Skull and Bones Society, square the circle, Mika Brzezinski,
Cremation of Care, Blood offering, St John the Divine, psychic warfare, Holy Jewish Blood, Trump supporter, Islamic extremists,
twenty third psalm, Child sacrifices, fibonacci spiral

74 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Jesus Christ, George Washington, Valentines Day, Charles Manson, Denver Colorado,
May twenty third, English Language, drain the swamp, Christmas Eve, billionaire,
catastrophic, artificial, William Cooper,
pulse night club, Holy Roman Empire, Seal of Saturn, War of the worlds, mystery Babylon,
Cannibalism, ashkenazi jews, False reality,
Illuminatus, Jesus is Lord, Dictatorship,
rigged election, President Bush, Prince Arthur, mathematical, Aristocrat, firecracker, imperialism, Blood of Israel,
Annuit Coeptus, The book of Daniel

74 (English Ordinal)
Jesus, masonic, Lucifer, Jewish, killing, gematria, cross, London, Oregon, Messiah, English, Muhammad, rapper, occult, holiday, gospel, nuclear, energy, hexagon, beauty, Yshua, weapon, jury, ruler, tarot, Preacher,
heavens, opium, trauma, donkey, menorah, hand of God, gunmen, granite, suicided,
martial, landmark, songs, harlot, sailor, cubits, pinnacle, semetic, polls, parables

74 (Reverse English Ordinal)
forty two, purple, poison, lottery, hate, free, trinity, Roman, BBC, Exodus, Moscow, Mormon, trick, Snopes, fair, Ankh, studio, Cher, expert, Mika, Sarkozy,

47 (Jewish reduction)
revelation, sixty six, Nashville, Dow Jones, predators, plane crash, John Lennon, spiritual, Saudi Arabia, Darth Vader, vaccination, reverse, Auschwitz, Steve Bannon, Newsweek, sexual assault, crisis,
infinite, police state, universal, Aphrodite, Nostradamus, Leviticus, prostitute, blessing, journalist, fraternity, engineer, confederate, Vatican Hill, Grand Lodge, Long Island, research, nerve agent, poisoned, Hiram Abif, world trade, manipulation, Aldous Huxley, right eye, opioids, anti semite, disciple, Babylonian Talmud, divinity, Charlemagne, revolver, demolition, forgive, master mind, double helix, propoganda, Zoroaster, bloodlines, alcoholism, forbidden, Hypnotize, Oligarchy, Crypto jew, refugees,
Ted Kaczynski, petrodollar, Operative, Billy Graham, globalists

74 (Jewish Ordinal)
October, Christ, Jews, Lincoln, Drumpf,
Theater, crown, Archons, crisis, Muhammed,
black ops, warfare, disciple, fascist, armagedon, Liberals, scrolls, Crackers,
Haaretz, Himmler

74 (Jewish)
peace, pie, deep, AIPAC, Albania

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