Monday, April 2, 2018


Urgent: In addition to calling Trump (202-456-1111), call your US Congressman and Senators and demand that they stop the caravan about to invade the USA.    Ask that they build the damn wall, militarize the border, and put armed soldiers along the US-Mexico border to prevent the caravan invaders. Switchboard:  202-224-3121 In addition, you might ask: - No amnesty for illegals (including no path to citizenship for DACA)    - Reduce legal immigration, which is driving down wages.    - No Third World refugees.    - End chain migration.  - End visa lottery.  - Build the wall, deport them all.  - Stop the 3rd world immigration and refugee invasion.  - Remove federal judges who are facilitating the 3rd world invasion.   #StopTheCaravan

Obama was sending money to Honduras through a US backed aid agency known as the Millennium Challenge Corporation. MCC is funded by taxpayers and overseen by a board that is chaired by the Secretary of State. 

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