Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg the Android AI #BrotherBerg

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on 4/10, the day that he’s 33 years 331 days old. Data Leak =330. Big Brother =330. Social Media =33. Humanoid =33. Mark Zuckerberg Cybernetic Organism =3030. And indeed I would not be surprised at all to learn that he is some sort of cyborg/android artificial intelligence carted around to play this fictional role, all making plausible the idea of alien overlords disguised as humans monitoring the thoughts and feelings of the entire collective consciousness so as to manipulate it.

Zuckerberg =42. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg =240. Facebook =24 founded on 2/4/2004 which is 14 years 2 months before the Congress =142 hearing and 2424 days before the release of The Social Network, the film about Facebook – Zuckerberg  =142 played by Jesse Eisenberg =142. Cybernetic Organism =142/1424. 

Alexander Nix =42 the CEO of Cambridge Analytica is currently 42 years old. Nix =204. Data =42. Data Leak =142/24. Big Brother =142. Cyborg =420. Android =124/24. Zuckerberg was 1002 weeks 4 days old when MySpace was founded (just 26 weeks before Facebook).

That means Facebook was exactly 740 weeks old on the day of this hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee =147 which was 47 weeks after Mark’s birthday and 4 weeks 7 days before his next. Mr Zuckerberg =147 & Nix =47 were born exactly 1407 weeks apart. Humanoid Robot =147/174. Mark Zuckerberg =211 was also born 40 weeks 7 days before his wife, Priscilla Chan =211, the 47th prime. Data Scandal =74. Jewish =147/74, as is both Zuckerberg and Aleksandr Kogan =1470, the Russian data scientist blamed for the data leak.

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