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1 | Why Are There 26 Letters In the English Alphabet?

"To learn the significance of the number 26, and what sets it apart, we must travel back to the cradle of civilization, to ancient Babylon. Out of this early and extremely advanced society, which gave rise to Egypt"

English is a Latin language, based in the
26-related-letters of the Latin alphabet after the fall of Rome; thus where the word
alphabet comes from, the first two letters of Latin, Alpha and Beta.

In Kabbalah, the central belief is God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word. This is expressed in the foundational text of Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, or in English, The Book of Formation. In its opening paragraph, it states, in reference to God creating the world, “He created His Universe by
three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters and Words”. This belief about creation
from The Book of Formation is in line with the beginning of the Holy Bible, which begins with Genesis, where God speaks the world into existence over the course of six numbered days, before resting on the seventh day and making it holy. If you have not read the story of creation from Genesis, God begins each day by making a verbal command, “And God said”, then bringing something new into the world, from light, to water, to land, to stars,to the sun and moon, to plant life, to living creatures, etc., before concluding with his last creation, mankind, who is brought into existence in the 26th verse of the Bible, on the 6th day, and both numbers for very specific reasons we will reveal.

The fall of Babylon in 539 BC,
539 (Satanic)
all seeing eye, Tribe of Judah, Temple Mount, London Bridge, Order of Death, 
one four four
539 (English Extended)
Lupercalia, globalists, phallus, conceived, 
539 (Reverse Extended)
Hero, Piper, rod, 
539 (Reverse Satanic)
walk on water, tabernacle, trojan horse, 
Saturns Cube, ninety three, George Soros, 
chromosomes, First Temple, Helen of Troy, 
Great Eagle, President Xi
539  (Jewish Ordinal)
do unto others as you would have them do unto you, There are eleven hundred and eighty nine chapters in the KJV, MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL 
539 (Jewish)
student, Pound of flesh, textile, Art Thou
539 (LCH Kabbalah)
September Twenty Third Two Thousand Seventeen
539 (Primes) 
one hundred fifty, Hillary Diane Rodham, 
Find God in all things, 
539 (Trigonal)
Francis, Bilderberg, rings, menorah, floods, 
shofar, carpet, 
539 (squares)
539  (Reverse Primes)
big bang, rings of Saturn, royal family, new years day, Celestial, slave master, Song of Solomon, wall of water, Archelaus, noral code, Osiris Isis Horusm, Queen of Swords

"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 263 (English Ordinal)56th prime
February Twenty second, New World Order is coming, 
five hundred thirty nine BC" = 128 (Full Reduction)
three hundred sixty degrees, Bank for International Settlements, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, O Lucifer son of the morning, April eleven twenty eighteen, The Royal Bloodline of Christ, The Holy Mother of Jesus christ, The Divine Bloodline of David, YouTube Headquarters Shooting, Alexander of Macedonia the Great, Circumference of the circle, 
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 2207 (English Extended)329th prime
Nine Eleven two thousand one, slave master mentality, twenty third psalm
"five hundred thirty nine BC" 315 (Francis Bacon) 
February Twenty second, Prince Hall Freemasonry, St Patricks Day Parade, one hundred forty four degrees, Goldengate Bridge Collapses, general theory of relativity, Beverly Hills California, voluntary extermination
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 358 (Reverse Ordinal)
three hundred sixty degrees, one hundred and seventeen, Center For Disease Control, Long Beach California, Fraternal Order of Police, 
Trans Pacific Partnership, 
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 1163 (Reverse Satanic) 192nd prime
Israeli Independence Day
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 120 (Jewish Reduction)15th Triangular
three hundred thirty three, One Thousand Points of Light, Bava Kamma one hundred and thirteen a, Order of the Knights Templar,The Islamic Republic of Iran, House Intelligence Committee, Rothschilds red shield, 
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 255 (Jewish Ordinal) 
November twenty second, donald trump assassinated, February Twenty two, assassination of trump, Saturn the ruler of time, A catastrophic nuclear accident, 
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 371 (ALW Kabbalah)
Central Intelligence Agency, YouTube Headquarters Shooting
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 323 (KFW Kabbalah)
Church in Philadelphia, Holy Bloodline of Jesus, Wall Street Twenty Eighteen, Symbol of Vesica Piscis, the fall of the united states, New York New York United States, Space Shuttle Columbia, revelation eight eleven
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 308 (LCH Kabbalah)
one hundred forty fourth, World Government Summit, President George Walker Bush, Donald J Trump Assassination,
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 2188 (Trigonal)
Trump Administration, Nine hundred sixty nine, THE ALL SEEING EYE OF PROVIDENCE
five hundred thirty nine BC" = 1209 (Reverse Primes)
Grand Lodge Of England
five hundred thirty nine BC" = 3518 (Reverse Trigonal)
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 101 (Septenary)26th prime
One hundred eighty eight, big brother is watching you, thirty third degree mason, The eleventh of September, Trump Assassination Attempt, 
"five hundred thirty nine BC" = 89 (Chaldean)24th prime
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, One Hundred Thirty Seven, The Book Of Revelations, Protestant Reformation, Black Lives Matter Movement, President Vladimir V Putin, President George H W Bush 
"five hundred thirty nine" = 1044 (Reverse Satanic)
President donald j trump, deutsche bank collapse
"five three nine BC" = 82 (Full Reduction)
District of Columbia, seventeen seventy six,
Alice in Wonderland, Barack Hussein Obama II,jorge bergoglio, April twenty first, 
Hegelian Dialectic, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 
Happy Valentines Day, illuminati card game, 
twenty third of may, Liverpool England, Saint Louis missouri, FBI investigation, 
Thirteenth Tribe, Osiris Isis Horus, Russian armed forces, 
"five three nine BC" = 145 (English Ordinal)
numerology, Golden Knights, Masonic temple, 
cube of saturn, jorge bergoglio, nostradamus, mainstream media, manipulation,
psychology, roman numeral, two pillars, 
Wealthy Elite, Prophet Isaiah, Foggy Bottom, 
Steven Bannon, In the shadows, Dollar Collapse, 
five three nine BC" = 197 (Francis Bacon)
King James Bible, federal reserve note, special operations, jewish conspiracy,No Time Left
"five three nine BC" = 670 (Satanic)
Twenty eighteen, April Sixteenth, Ancient History, 
"five three nine BC" = 260 (Reverse Ordinal)
Philadelphia PA, Tropic of Capricorn, 
crucifixion of jesus, 
five three nine BC" = 80 (Reverse Full Reduction)
synagogue of satan, Hillary Clinton, one hundred eighteen, Henry Kissinger, rings of saturn, assassinate, Black Sabbath, image of the beast, Olympus has fallen, Number Thirteen, The beast system, missile launch, 
twenty third of may, Star of Saturn, Interest rate, President Putin, russian bear
"five three nine BC" = 3581 (Reverse Extended) 501st prime
rene descartes, Marquis de Sade
five three nine BC" = 312 (Reverse Francis Bacon) 
Boston Massachusetts, arch angel michael, 
Mitch McConnell, Arlington Virginia, New Age Religion, criminal organization, Akkadian Empire, 
five three nine BC" = 785 (Reverse Satanic)
The new world order, Republic of Turkey, 
five Star Movement, life is but a dream
"five three nine BC" = 81 (Jewish Reduction)
square root nine
september eleventh, star spangled banner, divide and conquer, the number of the beast, 
February fourteenth, three three three, five five five, eye of providence, February sixteenth, lord of the rings, Angela Dorothea Merkel, ten downing street, Jewish Gematria, This is not a drill, Happy Valentines Day, devil worship, Military operation, Nine Eleven Part Two, God saves Israel, eleven pointed star, Holy Line of Jesus, masonic grand lodge, Fred Christ Trump, highest degree, chemical weapons attack, President D J Trump, Fibonacci cipher, March of Our Lives, 
"five three nine BC" = 144 (Jewish Ordinal)
forty seven, six six six, eight eight eight, antisemitism, the all seeing eye, trassexual, Berverly Hills, international, sex trafficking, Prince of Wales, four seasons, Drudge report, devils advocate, april eleventh, ashkenazi jew, starwhackers, Sir Francis Bacon, Mohammad bin Salman, Bashar Hafez alAssad, Book of Wisdom, Damascus Syria, uss donald cook, divide conquer, Masonic theater
"five three nine BC" = 1017 (Jewish)
Dealey Plaza, government, President Richard Nixon, Flavus
"five three nine BC" = 275 (ALW Kabbalah)
make america great again, Fibonacci sequence, three hundred eleven, thirty third degree, Theory Of Everything, God works in mysterious ways, Aristotle Socrates Onassis,
Space Shuttle Columbia
"five three nine BC" = 227 (KFW Kabbalah)
French Revolution, forty fifth president,
Knowledge is power, Bloody Valentine,
St Patricks Day Parade, national walkout day, covert operations, Revelation six two, 
Sympathy for the Devil, Occult Symbolism, 
SCHINDLERS LIST, al qaeda terroist attack, 
daylight savings, 
"five three nine BC" = 182 (LCH Kabbalah)
Hidden in plain sight, House of Windsor, February four, september ninth, conspiracy theorists, an eye for an eye, Sacred Jewish Blood, World Domination, 
"five three nine BC" = 427 (Primes)
Washington DC, Church of Satan, Taxi driver, green party, propagandized, Book Of Genesis
"five three nine BC" = 1975 (Squares)
area fifty one, house of David, Public Enemy, death squads, eye to eye
"five three nine BC" = 66 (Septenary)
Seven Seven Seven, William Shakespeare, Nine hundred eleven, nine twenty three, Recep tayyip erdogan, one seven seven six, September third, april fourteenth, Seventy Seventh, French revolution, image of the beast, Pledge of Allegiance, The Old Testament, Transgender agenda, Trump Tower Fire, Illuminati Bloodlines, united grand lodge, twenty third psalm, Social engineering, 
five three nine BC" = 62 (Chaldean)
World Trade Center, nine twenty three, Seventy Seventh, king of the world, 
False Prophets, number thirty three, thirty three degree, siege of Jerusalem, thirteen thirteen, Dr Martin Luther king jr, Secret Knowledge, Blood offering, freemason lodge, 
Central Banking System, blood of the Lamb, 
order in the court, 
"five three nine" = 77 (Full Reduction)
World Trade Center, september eleventh, 
Book of Revelation, police officer, april fifteenth, Johann Adam Weishaupt, ten downing street, Kingdom of Heaven, Concentration camps, september seventeen, 
nuclear explosion, false flag shooting, November Eleventh, Jewish propaganda, Shadow government, story of creation, Fiftieth floor, Collapse of wall street, Trump White House, Valentines day massacre, Geneva Convention, one one one three, Virgin Mother, Ancestor Worship, deal with the devil, the City of London, October surprise, 
Los Angeles United States, towers are falling, 
"five three nine" = 140 (English Ordinal)
revelations, the Apprentice, christmas day,
jack the ripper, prometheus, temple owls, astronomy, patriotism, hidden knowledge, war on drugs, doomsday clock, Brigham Young, 
commander in chief, Hermaphrodite, hocus pocus, Queen of England, magnum opus, Semper fidelis, Three sevens, world war z, blood sacrifices, the holy grail, US Congress, Herods Temple, JESUS SAVES, the word of God, 
"five three nine" = 595 (Satanic)
34th Triangular
Seventy Seven, In God we trust, one twenty one, Moscow Russia, nuclear family,
"five three nine" = 211 (Reverse Ordinal)
47th prime
six hundred sixty six, Saudi Arabia, the apprentice, John the baptist, los angeles CA, nuclear weapons, One one one seven, 
Thirty Two Degrees, 
five three nine" = 67 (Reverse Full Reduction)19th prime
Bill Clinton, I am that I am, Angela Merkel, crucifixion, revelations, Three Twenty Two, eye of providence, april seventh, trainwreck, resignation, liberty bell, Day Of Atonement, Gang stalking, bestiality, 
"five three nine" = 666 (Reverse Satanic)
the apprentice, jack the ripper, may eighteenth, may twenty three, spirit in the sky, 
"five three nine" = 76 (Jewish Reduction)
New world order, ritual sacrifice, Golden gate bridge, April Thirtieth, November Eleventh, April thirteenth, Holy Roman Empire, Behold a Pale Horse, third world war, April twenty ninth, The state of israel, The Alpha and the Omega, organized crime, square the circle, september twelfth, twenty six letters, Spirit cooking,  
five three nine" = 139 (Jewish Ordinal)
34th prime
United Kingdom, game of thrones, enlightenment, last supper, elders of zion,
hidden knowledge, Journalism, cremation of care, blood of christ, propaganda machine, 
"five three nine" = 160 (LCH Kabbalah)
United States, three four one, game of thrones, Barron Trump, zombie apocalypse, freedom tower, terrorist attacks, Kabbalah Talmud, the fall of an empire
"five three nine" = 419 (Primes)81st prime
house of cards, fighting irish, english language, white people, nine six nine,
"five three nine" = 1051 (Trigonal)
177th prime
endless war, marine corps, 
"five three nine" = 711 (Reverse Primes)
Aleister Crowley, sasha fierce, Mary of Nazareth, Luciferianism , Philosophers Stone
"five three nine" = 61 (Septenary)
Secret Society, Synagogue of Satan, JFK assassination, eyes wide shut, new york city new york, King of the Jews, 
"five three nine" = 57 (Chaldean)
society of jesus, one hundred six, London England, Compass and square, the twin towers, nuclear weapon, two hundred six, May fourteenth, white people, house of david, 
thirty third degree, elders of zion, Donald J Drumpf, jehovah witness, Prince of Wales,
pope benedict, Jewish People, synchronization, grand master builder, 
"The fall of Babylon in the year five hundred thirty nine BC" = 245 (Full Reduction)

"where the word alphabet comes from, the first two letters of Latin, Alpha and Beta"
Is this where gender studies gets their alpha male beta male crap from? 
Alpha male" = 69 (English Ordinal)
Alpha male" = 33 (Full Reduction)
Beta male" = 59 (English Ordinal)
Beta male" = 23 (Full Reduction)

"mankind, who is brought into existence in the 26th verse of the Bible, on the 6th day, 

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