Friday, April 6, 2018

What is white? characteristics

A humble list of suggestions for factors to start off with, since this topic isn’t going away.

genetic distance to NW European alleles (most isolated throughout invasions)
IQ 95+ average, the minimum to live in a high technology society
religion and whether it is pre- or post-Reformation (high demand adaptation)
adaptability of culture to threatening existential events e.g. war (Blitz spirit and variations), famine, epidemic e.g. response to Black Death, and ability to pull together in cooperation
appreciation for cultural Christianity e.g. tolerance of eccentricity but NOT immorality e.g. poets are fine, burning “witches” at the stake is not.
historical achievements
modern (past 500 years) victories, including over social ills (problem solving ability)
national distinctiveness
etiquette, clear and socially norm
high technology society, technical competency
high literacy and numeracy
high professional standards (no corruption)
strong basis of morality e.g. universally applied and clear incentive/punishment structure
rewarding the Good before pitying and enabling the Evil (victim narrative)
ideal virtues and concept of individual character but not individualism (cults)
appreciable values model e.g. family over hedonism
facial structure, phenotype range and morphology of typical features e.g. pelvic width
language and stylistic qualities in the use of language
child-rearing (selection for, requirements and structural balance between parental influences)
parenting style (not abusive, pro-natal society with an emphasis on high quality)
healthy breeding habits
prosocial behaviours (as represented in lower self on self crime rates)
no sadism on the vulnerable e.g. children, elderly, the ill, sexual crimes on women.
self-sufficiency of the economy e.g. food security
a valid taxation system e.g. flat tax, luxuries (consumption) tax that rewards hard work but punishes decadence, rewards natives over the world.
an encouragement of efforts without vanity
loyal government and a history of honourable leaders (official and not)
rights (similarity to the Magna Carta and Rights of Englishmen)
liberty without irresponsibility (personal responsibility, narrative of duty to self)
divergent fashions
a range of largely exclusive cultural products including monuments (symbolism) and foods (class struggles)
occupation bans e.g. prostitution, piracy or burglar, hitman
no speech policing or censorship required (people already want to get along, this cannot be forced) unless it is immorality in the public sphere (kept underground for adults who seek it out) because children’s innocence is protected
a medical bias for health over disease (compassion has sane limits)
higher moral standards for leaders beyond the norm
low to no entitlements, starting with pensions (pensions cause Empires to fall and are dysgenic pressures with an aging/dying population that magically gain medical issues for attention or a higher mortality rate upon retirement)
no sexualisation of everyday life (it started in Jazz in America)
responsible materialism, preferably local or patriotic
venerated old age where deserved, anti-youth culture, pro-maturity (but not specifically elderly)
a reasonable military and no treasonous trading of weapons or information
preferred schedule (uses of time) e.g. German promptness versus Italian restfulness

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