Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 17th the 2009th birthday of Vespasian

From and including: Sunday, November 17, 0009 
To, but not including Saturday, November 17, 2018 
Result: 733,774 days
Or 2009 years excluding the end date.
Or 24108 months excluding the end date.

Collapse of wall street = 2009
A One World Government = 2009
one world currency = 2009 

"Vespasian" = 33 (Chaldean)
"Titus Flavius Vespasianus" = 2811 (Jewish) 11/28

Vespasian Latin: Titus Flavius Vespasianus; 
17 November 9 AD – 24 June 79 AD) was Roman emperor from 69–79, the fourth, and last, in the Year of the Four Emperors. He founded the Flavian dynasty that ruled the Empire for 27 years.

Vespasian was the first emperor who hailed from an equestrian family and only rose into the senatorial rank as the first member of his family later in his lifetime. Vespasian's renown came from his military success; he was legate of Legio II Augusta during the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 and subjugated Judaea during the Jewish rebellion of 66.

While Vespasian besieged Jerusalem during the Jewish rebellion, emperor Nero committed suicide and plunged Rome into a year of civil war known as the Year of the Four Emperors. After Galba and Otho perished in quick succession, Vitellius became emperor in April 69. The Roman legions of Roman Egypt and Judaea reacted by declaring Vespasian, their commander, emperor on 1 July 69. In his bid for imperial power, Vespasian joined forces with Mucianus, the governor of Syria, and Primus, a general in Pannonia, leaving his son Titus to command the besieging forces at Jerusalem. Primus and Mucianus led the Flavian forces against Vitellius, while Vespasian took control of Egypt. On 20 December 69, Vitellius was defeated, and the following day Vespasian was declared emperor by the Senate.


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