Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The UN and the World Jewish Congress attack free speech online 11/19/2018 #1119 #1116

UNESCO launching website to counter Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism


"UNESCO" = 77 (English Ordinal)
"Judaism" = 77 (English Ordinal)
"Judaism" = 322 (Satanic)
"blood" = 223 (Satanic)

November 19 is the 323rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 42 days remaining until the end of the year.

"Lucifer" = 323 (Jewish)
"Zionism" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"internet" = 42 (Full Reduction)

(19 Nov 2018) The United Nations culture and education agency is teaming up with the World Jewish Congress to launch a website to counter Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and WJC President Ronald Lauder unveiled the interactive "Facts about the Holocaust " site at the cultural agency's Paris headquarters on Monday.

It features a trove of historical information about the Holocaust, including testimonies and it is linked to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's Online Holocaust Encyclopedia. 

The new site has been conceived to combat what UNESCO calls "increased hate and disinformation online" on Jewish issues. 

It comes five months after the organisation launched the UN's first educational guidelines on fighting anti-Semitism.

The pro-Jewish initiatives inside UNESCO come as Israel prepares its withdrawal from the agency amid accusations that it fosters anti-Jewish bias. 


November 19th 2018 was 11/9 on the Jewish calendar.  Eleventh day of the ninth month 11/9 or 9/11.  Star of David = 119 Tisha B'Av = 911

Date format European way 19/11 = 11/19 our way
"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Jewish)

"World Jewish Congress" = 3031 (Jewish)
"Goyim know shut them down" = 3031 (Jewish)

World Jewish Congress = 911 (Satanic)
ritual human sacrifice = 911 (Satanic)
Holocaust remembrance = 911 (Satanic)
David Hogg Crisis Actor = 911 (Satanic)

"World Jewish Congress" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"Scottish rite masons" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"eight hundred eighty eight" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"New York Stock Exchange" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"two thousand nineteen" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"something big is happening" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"good bye yellow brick road" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"three hundred and sixty" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"holy bloodline of Christ" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"eighty eight eighty eight" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"slaughter at synagogue" = 1476 (English Sumerian)
"terrorist attack hoax" = 1476 (English Sumerian)

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