Monday, November 19, 2018

Putin meets with his generals today. 11/19/2018 #313 #1119

WW3: Vladimir Putin summons Russia's war chiefs amid US nuclear tensions

VLADIMIR Putin has summoned Russia’s war chiefs amid renewed nuclear tensions with the US – warning Moscow could “retaliate” to Washington.

By Henry Holloway / Published 19th November 2018

Putin met with senior officials from the defence ministry today to discuss the US’s possible withdrawal from a key nuclear weapons treaty.

Russia and the US have signed up to a number of accords since the Cold War designed to reign in their nuclear arsenals.

Stockpiles have been being reduced by both Moscow and Russia but there are now fears of a new arms race.

US officials are reportedly ready to withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate -Range Nuclear Forces treaty signed during the Cold War.

NATO and Russian envoy addressed the dispute during rare talks on October 31.

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