Saturday, April 6, 2019

Obama and Merkel meeting on 4/5/2019 the 1st of Nisan

"2:27 PM - April 5th, 2019" = 141 (English Ordinal)

April 6th is Jewish New Years Day on the religious calendar...
Sat, 6 April 2019 = 1st of Nisan, 5779
א׳ בְּנִיסָן תשע״ט
Parashat Tazria (in Diaspora)
Rosh Chodesh Nisan
Shabbat HaChodesh
Shabbat HaChodesh / שבת החדש
"שבת החדש" = 29 (Hebrew Reduction)
"שבת החדש" = 83 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"שבת החדש" = 1019 (Hebrew Gematria)

Shabbat HaChodesh started Friday April 5th at sunset.

Shabbat HaChodesh / שבת החדש
Shabbat HaChodesh ("Sabbath [of the] month" שבת החודש) precedes the first of the Hebrew month of Nisan during which Passover is celebrated. Exodus 12:1-20 and the laws of Passover. On the first day of Nisan, God presented the first commandment of how to "sanctify the new moon" (kiddush hachodesh) for the onset of Rosh Chodesh and thus Nisan becomes the first month of the Jewish year (counting by months.).

Shabbat HaChodesh begins at sundown on Fri, 05 April 2019.

"Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Full Reduction)
"Synagogue of Satan" = 64 (Full Reduction)
"Angela Dorothea Merkel" = 190 (English Ordinal)
"Synagogue of Satan" = 190 (English Ordinal)

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