Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Flu dates #CrystalTyme

Mostly 20-30  year intervals     Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions every 20 years    Saturn returns every 29-30 years    PANDEMIC 4 (Russian Qatar Flu)= April 25, 1782 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction very rare in the Golden Gate.   1789 (USA FLU) a very rare Venus/Mercury/Sun/Pleiades conjunction in Taurus.    These are all what the Freemason's map and so did Kepler     PANDEMIC 5= May 16, 1802 Saturn/Jupiter on the Fixed Star Regulus in Leo   Lion's Gate   PANDEMIC 6= October 21, 1806  Uranus/Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Virgo conjunction PANDEMIC 7= August 17, 1830 rare Saturn/Mercury/Sun/Regulus in Leo conjunction with a moon Eclipse.   EUROPE EPIDEMIC=   1833 a Saturn/Mars conjunction in Virgo at the same time another Mercury/Sun conjunction on Regulus in Leo    Regulus is one of the 4 horseman in the sky, what the Sphinx aligns to. PANDEMIC 8= April 13, 1837  Mars/Jupiter/Moon/Bee Hive in Cancer/Lion's Gate.   PANDEMIC 9= July 27, 1848 Jupiter/Venus/Sun/Bee Hive/Cancer  PANDEMIC 10 =CHRISTMAS, December 25, 1889  Jupiter/Mercury/Venus/Sun conjunction in the GOLDEN GATE.  Mid 1800 Uranus was in the same location as it is this year.    Pandemic 11=1920 again Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Leo    VERY RARE SATURN/JUPITER CONJUNCTION ON THE WINTER SOLSTICE THIS YEAR IN GOLDEN GATE, 3 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.    HAS NOT OCCURRED IN THE LAST 2503 YR CYCLE.



    California Department of Health
    Ventura County

    Contact Tracing begins ...
    Forceful Removal from the home of those with Virus or in contact with them to separate facilities for quarantine