Wednesday, May 27, 2020

SpaceX canceled 5/27/20 hit by #lighting #17 minutes before take off #God #Q

SpaceX was canceled because it got hit by lighting 17 minutes before take off.  

"God" = 17 (Full Reduction)

Sat, 30 May 2020 = 7th of Sivan, 5780 7/3/5780 or 7/9/5780 
ז׳ בְּסִיוָן תש״פ

Shavuot II

Sivan is the ninth month of the civil year and the third month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. 

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@Decoding Satan    Yes the Battle of Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th House.   Is what this year is about.  Currently they just both turned Retrograde and will be in Jupiter’s House of Sagittarius, but is September they will start to move forward and enter Saturns house of Capricorn .  With the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on the 19th as the enter Capricorn , just before the Winter Solstice.   Saturn is the God of the Golden Age!   Good wins!


  1. Artemis is mother of ba'al, and what roman catholic church calls Mary, mother of Heaven, and mother to horus, and moon goddess. Space exploration technologies (set the egyptian god of destruction) corp or spacex. The launchpad is same that appolo mission used, gate 39A. Saturday pope francis is joining world shrines in unifying church in prayer to artemis, diana, mary etc. Revelation 9:11 Yahweh releases appolyon (or set) from tartarus. They moved the date to coincide, its part of their ritual to launch beast system with nephilim dna. Remember in Daniel where Gabriel interpreted daniel's dream for Yahweh, nephlim were no longer able to mix seed with women. Yahweh is soverign so i take this all as deceived men trying to tempt God...agahn

    1. Wow that's interesting thank you!

    2. Dragon capsuel going down in or near puerto rico saturday. Human sacrifice same as in min.

    3. Yang Enterprises has a NASA contract at Cape Canaveral & Kennedy and won another in PR at Arecibo Observatory (world's second largest radio telescope and HAARP site) just before Hurricane Maria (mother of ba'al) hit PR. Yang is the dark side of the yin yang. Yang Enterprises is tied to George W and Jeb Bush, allegedly helping them create vote hacking software. The FBI charged Yang Enterprises with fraud but it seemed to have been dropped along the way, as one of the lead federal investigators shot himself twice in the head while on a work trip investigating Yang. Guess who tried to crash a Trump fundraising event at Marg-a-lago titled, "Truth About Israel Gala?" One of YE's principals Cindy Yang. Before Maria hit PR Trump was fresh in office and moved quickly, out of the blue, to de-fund Arecibo Observatory...guess no one was paying attention when NY Mag did a piece on Cindy Yang showing up (link below) but not mentioning Arecibo Obs contract by National Science Foundation which resulted from Trump's action. YE is also alleged to have helped the Bush family and its slush fund of evil, Five Star Management out of Houston, acquire state stones (I believe sapphires from the ex-president of Thailand (he was later indicted).

      PR is also home to the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury. The trusts were filed in Guynabo Puerto Rico. If you look at a map and draw a line between Guynabo to Arecibo and then connect south to Adjuntas (latin for "Close to"), which is the very FIRST United States Zip code you will see an upside down triangle. Puerto Rico is now oddly voting for statehood, at a time where it makes no sense. Until you tie in beast system digital currency rising which will require the banking cabal to finalize its acquisition of the fact that Yunque National Forrest is really a massive deposit of gold/minerals doesn't hurt. Puerto Rico was not named the "Rich Port" for nothing!

      PR sits on the bottom vertex of the Bermuda Triangle, on the right tip. On the west side of PR sits Rincon (Spanish for "the tip"). Following the weirdness of the BT, Rolling Stone published an article yesterday titled, Puerto Rico was a Precursor for the Pandemic"....YES THEY DID!!!

      Now...wrapping it up. If George Floyd was a human sacrifice...they said he was trying to use a counterfeit $20. They need a distraction from the real occult things happening, and have a strong motive to tie in PR for so many different reasons.

      I felt the Holy Spirit point me back to PR. Guess we'll see Saturday...which is shaping up to look like one might expect the black sabbath to look like.!msg/
      Note: I would have also included a link to the FBI announcement of fraud charges against Yang Enterprises....but someone's been doing some housekeeping over the past few months inside DOJ!!!

  2. SPACE X will be a span of 6666 days old for Obama birthday on Aug.4th ....typically the 216th day of the year. 216 is of course 6x6x6