Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Webb is predicting a bioweapon attack on October the 19th

Antifa Is Just Another OTPUR Color Revolution - Arab Spring Again, In Black This Time

George Webb is predicting a bioweapon attack on October the 19th

At 7:10 minutes


  1. Haven't watched the video yet but the numbers are there
    3/11/20 to 10/19/20
    222 days

    I stumbled across this after Kobe died in sports
    56 days
    1 month 25 days
    8 weeks
    seems to link date and event often
    8/23/19 to 10/18/19
    56 days etc

    10/19/20 to 12/14/20 (Eclipse)
    56 days

    1. Yes that matches good. It was 222 months from 9/11 on 3/11. The eclipse is paying a big role. That 12/14 or 1214 is on the front of the Rothschild coat of arms.

  2. 612 days before 10/19/20 Minnesota Gov required residential energy disclosure

    More interesting 239 years ago on 10/19
    Cornwallis surrendered to Washington officially giving the U.S. it's Independence

    Definitely a day to circle

  3. October Revolution 10/7/1917
    As soon as the movie 1917 came out I have been using it as a marker because of the Spanish Influenza

    10/7/1917 to 10/19/2020
    37,633 days
    3986th prime
    11/20/2009 to 10/19/20
    3986 days
    Obama visits China and biggest thing he talks about is the Great Wall
    The Great Wall of China
    = 1214/238
    238 = Minneapolis Minnesota
    = the Magic Square of the Sun
    Prince Philip's 99th birthday
    NASCAR Race at Martinsville
    Originally scheduled 5/9/20
    5/9/20 to 6/10/20
    32 days
    5/9/20 to 9/17/20
    131 days
    5/9/20 to 10/19/20
    163 days
    163rd prime = 967
    Civil Disobedience = 967

    6/10/20 to 10/19/20
    131 days
    10/19/20 to 11/20/20
    32 days
    6/10/20 to 11/20/20
    163 days
    11/20 is also Philip and Elizabeth wedding anniversary
    11/20/20 is 73rd Anniversary
    73rd prime is 367
    10/18/19 to 10/19/20
    367 days
    9/17/20 is d.o.b. of NASCAR race winner

    Wuhan China = 612/128/99
    6/14/20 to 10/29/20
    128 days end date
    World War = 612
    Minneapolis = 1020
    World War Three = 1020
    Minneapolis Minnesota = 719
    Biological Weapon = 719
    Biological Attack = 1018
    The Second October Revolution = 1018

    1. Obama's great wall visit fit coronavirus

  4. There are many dates that are given and there are also many days or weeks or months that pass between these dates. That's a lot of effort put into assumptions.
    You have to stop swallowing all the stupid words sorry I wanted to say the dates given by famous or not so famous charlatans.
    All the events are held in the places, spots and dates chosen by the puppeteers so you anticipate for nothing. Not being able to anticipate the events and not being able to see them as present from the day the puppeteers say it's happening now.
    I'm not suggesting you give up what you're doing. I suggest you find out who are the puppeteers who order their puppets like God, Satan, Buddha, Allah, Mahommet, Ahura Mazda, angels, demons and archons and all the other puppets like you and me. Why are these puppeteers hiding?
    Where are those puppeteers hiding?
    How are the puppeteers hiding?
    When do they decide to act?
    How do they choose the puppets that will do the puppeteers' will?
    Why do puppeteers give false hopes with false dates like August 11, 2019?
    Why do puppeteers make their puppets obsessed with one of the temporary antichrist candidates like Obama or Trump or Prince Harry or Prince William?

  5. German Official Leaks Report Denouncing COVID-19 As "A Global False Alarm"