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JANUARY 18, 2010

Astrologer Raymond A. Merriman analyzed this crash and depression in terms of it following the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 1834-1835 (“The Implications of Saturn in Opposition to Pluto to World Economies and Financial Markets,” The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, November-December 2001 issue.) “When the stock market began to fall, and the land development projects failed to materialize, and banks began to fail…a financial panic ensured in 1837, which resulted in a full-fledged depression by the early 1840s.”

(Note that not all financial panics have led into great depressions.)

Merriman continued, “The stock market tumbled approximately 80% off its highs of 1835, and it wasn’t until 22 years later—in 1857—that the financial markets began to recover. In short, it was a 22-year economic downturn from the highs of 1835, coinciding with the first and only time the US government was forced to default on its bond (debt) obligations.”

The biwheel chart for 1931 shows transiting Saturn § at 16 Capricorn square Uranus ¨ at 18 Aries to form the grand cross with Sam's Sun and Saturn. Two years previous to this, when the crash of ’29 came, Jupiter ¦ and Pluto À were both in Cancer conjunct Sam’s Sun, opposite transiting Saturn and thus also square transiting Uranus. So the grand cross to Uncle Sam's Sun-square-Saturn at this time was anchored by Saturn and included Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. It's also notable that this great depression followed the Saturn-Pluto opposition that would reoccur to usher in The Sixties. The one following The Sixties coincided with the attack of 9/11/01.

If great depressions of the past have been brought on by new record money disparities between the Haves and Have-nots (usually resulting in speculative bubbles) why had we not fallen into another great depression by year 2001? By any reckoning, we had seen a new record speculative bubble in the stock markets, concurrent with a loss of working class purchasing power, and a new record gap between the richest and poorest.

Astrologically, the answer is clear: no grand cross anchored by Saturn in mid-Capricorn square another heavy in mid-Aires has formed since the one that coincided with the last great depression, the 1930s. By 2001, the economy was in a recession, but by no measurement could it be called a great depression. Not yet.

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