Wednesday, May 13, 2020

#Spain A 113 year old woman recovers from coronavirus

It's a fake story. You can tell by the age of the woman. Her age is the same as the date the WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic. = 113 = 11/3 (EU date format)

MADRID (AFP) - A 113-year-old woman, believed to be the oldest person living in Spain, has beat the coronavirus at retirement home where several other residents died from the pandemic, the residence said Tuesday (May 12).

Maria Branyas, who was born in the US, was infected with the virus in April at the Santa Maria del Tura care home in the eastern city of Olot where she has lived for the past 20 years and fought the infection in isolation in her room.

"She survived the disease and is doing fine," a spokeswoman for the residence told AFP, adding Branyas had only displayed mild symptoms of the disease.


  1. Obama gives Bill Gates and Tom Hanks the Medal of Freedom on 11/22/16
    11/22/16 to 6/21/20
    1307 days

    Find this interesting because this was important date when I was looking at NBA finals. Besides Summer Solstice, it is Prince William's d.o.b. and has significant number value throughout Royal dates when compared. Also the Kobe/Sacramento Kings/Luke Walton connections.

    Also regarding the Israeli Trump/Cyrus minted coin
    - of course Cyrus the King of Babylon
    - the Akkadian link and the word Tigris(Tiger)

    Doing World Series and NCAA Football Championship the Akkadian theme was prevalent
    Acadians fled Canada to Baltimore and also New Orleans
    Hence the Ricky Williams clue who played in both cities but was drafted by Montreal (Now Nationals)
    Ed Orgeron wins Championship at LSU in New Orleans
    Orgeron is Cajun a.k.a. Acadian
    LSU Tigers

    Cyrus became King of Kings or 4 corners of Earth after defeating enemies along Tigris
    Daniel's vision on the Tigris

    Just some correlations that I've noticed while doing sports and looking at these times

  2. Nice one!
    17.11.17 to SBLV is 1307 days!

  3. 17.11.16
    "The Conception Comet traveled from the loins of the constellation Leo to the womb of the constellation Virgo on November 17, 2016, just before the entrance of Jupiter into the womb."