Monday, August 6, 2018

It been 366 days 8/5/217 since the 1st day of Google's anti-white scandal. Now FB bans Alex Jones 8/6/2018 #WG #FreeSpeech #1a

Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google

Kate Conger
8/05/17 4:30pm

Update 8/5/17 7:25pm ET: Google’s new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance Danielle Brown has issued her own memo to Google employees in response to the now-viral memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” Brown’s statement, obtained by Motherboard, can be found in full at the end of this article.

A software engineer’s 10-page screed against Google’s diversity initiatives is going viral inside the company, being shared on an internal meme network and Google+. The document’s existence was first reported by Motherboard, and Gizmodo has obtained it in full.

In the memo, which is the personal opinion of a male Google employee and is titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” the author argues that women are underrepresented in tech not because they face bias and discrimination in the workplace, but because of inherent psychological differences between men and women. “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism,” he writes, going on to argue that Google’s educational programs for young women may be misguided.

The post comes as Google battles a wage discrimination investigation by the US Department of Labor, which has found that Google routinely pays women less than men in comparable roles.

Almost exactly 1 year later this....

Facebook, Apple and Spotify ban Infowars' Alex Jones

Crackdown on US conspiracy theorist for promoting violence and hate speech

Facebook has banned four pages run by the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for “repeated violations of community standards”, the company said on Monday.

The removal of the pages – the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the Infowars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page – comes after Facebook imposed a 30-day ban on Jones personally “for his role in posting violating content to these pages”.

Following that suspension, a Facebook spokesperson said: “More content from the same pages has been reported to us – upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanising language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.”

The spokesperson noted that, despite the focus on Jones’s role in spreading conspiracy theories around events such as the 9/11 attacks and Sandy Hook school shooting, “none of the violations that spurred today’s removals were related to this”.

Facebook’s enforcement action against Jones came just hours after Apple removed Jones from its podcast directory. The timing of Facebook’s announcement was unusual, with the company confirming the ban at 3am local time.

From and including: Saturday, August 5, 2017
To, but not including Monday, August 6, 2018
Result: 366 days
Or 1 year, 1 day excluding the end date

And it's 92 days until the election.

From and including: Monday, August 6, 2018
To, but not including Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Result: 92 days
Or 3 months
2208 hours
13 weeks and 1 day

The Book of Revelation = 92 (Full Reduction)
The Synagogue of Satan = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
assassination = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Whatever it takes = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Georgia Guidestones = 92 (Full Reduction)
October thirteenth = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Parkland Florida = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
The World Trade Center 92 (Full Reduction)
September the eleventh = 92 (Full Reduction)
January twentieth = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Trump Administration = 92 (Full Reduction)
Trilateral commission = 92 (Full Reduction)
United States Government = 92 (Full Reduction)
Nineteenth of April = 92 (Full Reduction)
Bernard Sanders = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Political Correctness = 92 (Full Reduction)
Geneva Switzerland = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
rise and resist = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Illuminati Bloodlines = 92 (Full Reduction)

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