Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pearl Jam whines.......

Pearl Jam defend anti-Trump poster: “The role of artists is to make people think and feel”

The controversial poster depicts Trump's rotten corpse being eaten by a bald eagle on the lawn of a burning White House

Oh poor Pearl Jam! I love the way the left is now trying to make themselves out to be the protector of free speech when everybody knows they're the ones responsible for getting tons of people's social media accounts banned.  A satire troll artist today got banned from twitter for making jokes about leftists. And satire artist  Sabo also got banned from twitter this week.   It's the left doing all this damage to free speech. I worked for Harry and David gifting company when the calls came in after the election  to remove our ads from Breitbart and I took some of those calls. They were all liberal women they all said they were customers and none of them were. A complete phony astroturf program. trying to shut down speech that they didn't like. They're still out there doing that. Calling companies, emailing companies, saying they're customers when they're not.  Nobody's doing anything to Pearl Jam's social media accounts. Nobody's getting their website taken down by Go Daddy. Nobody's canceling their paypal accounts. All this is happening to conservatives right now for no other reason then they voted for Trump.  And BTW they're shutting down conspiracy theorists sites too.  Like Brother  Berg what happened there?  The left happened that's what. 

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