Friday, August 24, 2018

South Africa #BRICS #ZUMA #GUPTA

South Africa:  What's REALLY going on with the Zuma scandal. Well Zuma was President when SA joined the BRICSA. That's Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. That's the real reason Zuma was removed with a FAKE financial scandal. And it's the same reason we're attacking Russia everyday with a FAKE "election meddling" scandal. Putin formed the BRICS in reaction to the constant attacking of other countries by the US government! Ukraine being the latest example.  So the BRICS were formed as a trading block to lay the foundation of an escape route for countries that wanted to leave the US realm. This REALLY pissed off Washington so they started attacking Putin everyday with FAKE accusations. Remember when they said Putin shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17?  Washington released satellite photos that turned out to be photo shopped LOL hilarious. Then Putin released satellite photos that weren't photo shopped and showed it getting hit with a missile that came from the ground. But never underestimate the amount of lies our government and the media are willing to tell to move an agenda forward. If they get caught in a lie they just regroup and lie again! After it was impossible to blame Putin, they blamed the rebels in the Donbass eastern Ukraine region. Even though the Ukrainian military admitted they shot it down saying "it was an accident". Anyway this is just one example of the massive amounts of lies Hillary Clinton's state department told about Russia on a daily basis. Even 'trusted source" wikipedia is still saying the rebels did it and that is just flat out untrue and they know it. Anyway they started taking down the BRICS with FAKE scandals. They started with Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil. They created a FAKE financial scandal,  paid FAKE protesters pretending to be "angry citizens demanding her head" then got her removed and charged with FAKE crimes. Then they went after Zuma President of South Africa with a FAKE financial scandal and got him removed and replaced with this new President who is confiscating white farms BTW (He's probably splitting the money with Hillary and Obama) So TODAY the media is reporting that one of the richest families in SA was helping Zuma defraud the government.  The Gupta family is a wealthy and Indian-born  which is funny because if you understand what they're doing it's VERY clear that they intend to go after India next because the I in BRICS is India. They're going to try and make a road of corruption from Zuma to current President of India Ram Nath Kovind and if he doesn't pull India out of the BRICS he will magically become involved in a FAKE financial scandal. So anyway what Washington wants is the BRICS dissolved and that's why you're seeing all these problems in BRICS countries. Putin being the number one target since he created the BRICS in the first place. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

The deep state runs the place! No matter who we vote for they still set the agenda! Trump doesn't want to do what they tell him to do so he's viciously attacked as a racist everyday! We don't live in a democracy, we live in a dictatorship run by faceless deep state bureaucrats! They rule by deception with the help of the main stream media who absolutely is, just like Trump says, the enemy of the people!

So here is the breaking news on the wealthy INDIAN family Gupta.

South Africa Zuma inquiry: Gupta 'threatened to kill' over bribe offer

A South African politician has alleged that a controversial businessman threatened to kill him if he ever disclosed that he had been offered a bribe to become finance minister.

Mcebisi Jonas made the revelation at an inquiry into alleged corruption when ex-President Jacob Zuma was in office.

It is investigating if the wealthy Gupta family influenced political decisions, including naming ministers.

Ajay Gupta has denied that he ever meet Mr Jonas or offered him a bribe.

Accusations of graft dogged Mr Zuma's presidency before he was forced to step down in February.

And there you go the information you need to know from the BBC who wouldn't tell you the truth if their life depended on it!

Expect in about a month to see headlines accusing the new President of India, Ram Nath Kovind of a FAKE financial scandal. You can count on the BBC to run the story because they're a "trusted" news source! lolol

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