Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019 #video

Madonna Eurovision performance in Israel video... Notice the beginning scene with the church..Singing like a prayer... She gave this performance on 5/18/19 that was exactly 33 days after the Notre Dame church burnt down! It all in this one performance. Laughing at destroyed Christianity and then the coronavirus is coming to get the pig humans in masks! Pure evil!

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It pretty clear what she's communicating here. She's wearing a crown. Corona means crown. She's wearing two X's which means female as XX chromosomes. She's a black bat with wings. She's opening her wings and hatching from her stomach a big bug! She's giving birth to the coronavirus that's exactly what that says.


  1. "Madonna and Hanx died- Pope will be gone soon-Bush sr. and jr talked to Utsava.Fauci works for Trump."
    ....view on YouTube or bitchute

  2. Utsava's channel is now called " Flatten The Curve".