Tuesday, April 7, 2020

#Saturn #Pluto conjunction 1/12/2020 #Planets

2020 Saturn & Pluto Conjunction – Transformational Change

The EXACT conjunction of Saturn & Pluto on the 13 January 2020, marks the first of 3 powerful cycles coming into play during 2020.

As I discussed in my article 20:20 New Beginnings, New Earth Era,  these cycles represent a HUGE shift happening as we transition into the 3rd decade of this century. Change is happening, and it is happening fast. We are entering into a NEW ERA of life here on Earth.  The Great Transformation is well underway!

This conjunction of Saturn & Pluto can be viewed as a Global Saturn Return, a shakeup of our very foundations, deep assessments of our core values, and a transformative leap into a New Era for Earth.  An uprooting of the established order and a re-balancing of power, equality & freedom.   And the effects of Saturn & Pluto conjunction will be felt for years to come.

Saturn & Pluto
The personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars – move quickly through the Zodiac and represent our individual personal characteristics and experiences.    Whereas the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto – take a much longer time to transit the Sun, hence they shape the big picture themes of our lives. 

Saturn & Pluto’s transit time around the Sun is 29 years & 248 years respectively.



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