Thursday, April 16, 2020

WHY do the liberals in the mainstream media keep LYING about hydroxychloroquine?

WHY do the liberals in the mainstream media keep LYING about hydroxychloroquine? Because the whole point to coronavirus was to CHIP the population. We were all supposed to get plugged into the internet of things? That's why coronavirus and 5G are getting rolled out at the same time. The Davos demons were going to "save" the human race with a vaccine that had hydrogel in it. An injectable gel full of nanobots that assemble in your bloodstream and attach themselves somewhere in your veins ready to receive and send signals. Reporting your vital signs to keep you safe supposedly. It's a health thing. The nanobot chip was going to know you were sick before you did and alert your doctor so you can get medicine before you even feel bad. Kinda like fitbit in your veins. So the globalist could know everything we're doing all the time because the vaccine chips would report that to them. Isn't that great? And of course THEY WERE'NT GOING TO TELL US UNTIL AFTER THE INJECTIONS! But things have gone wrong. Hydroxychloroquine is working and that means we don't need a vaccine right? Not so fast Jeff Bezos said today that he's going to REQUIRE his employees to get the mark of the beast! BUT the people are fighting back and the liberal utopia plans are blowing up in their faces! People are finally getting how evil and radical their plans are! Hopefully we'll have protests ALL summer because we KNOW that the GLOBALISTS released the virus and the people are figuring that out. It wasn't just a chipping attempt it was also the THIRD coup attempt by Hillary!

First COUP the FAKE Russia scandal! Second COUP the FAKE treasonous Ukraine phone call WHICH it ends up was serving as a DISTRACTION so the swamp could release the virus without people noticing... Impeachment was cover for the virus operation. Yes good old Nancy Pelosi helped the deep state release the virus on the country and the world! And China isn't going to take the blame for it they're already ratting them out! SO for the next two weeks we need more protests and we need politicians to understand that we're NOT going to take their nanobot shots! And we're NOT going to follow any globalist orders! WE want the constitution back and that includes getting rid of the frigging Patriot Act that's unconstitutional too! Now that everybody knows what they're trying to do we can finally start fighting back!


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