Thursday, April 16, 2020

Mandatory Vaccinations in the age of Nanotechnology

Vaccination, in the traditional sense, involving chemical and biological agents, has been a pretty heated subject of debate for a variety of (good) reasons.

The issue of whether government can make choices for our bodies, the issue of personal liberty, the issue of parenting and the government interfering in the parent-child relationship, the issue of being forced to do something that you don't even know whether it's safe or not due to problematic safety testing, and other similar issues are among the major themes of this debate.

As always, heated debates have some part of "right" and some part of "wrong" in both camps (not always in equal proportions) - which serve to attract people to the pro and against camp. But there is something in the horizon that will make this debate seem dull in comparison...

Vaccines in the age of Nanotechnology

A new dimension will be added into this moral debate, as vaccines evolve to include not only chemical and biological agents, but also nanotechnology-related ...robots (nanobots). Yes. Robots.... Miniaturized robots flowing in the human bloodstream. These will be programmed electro-mechanical devices intended to perform certain pre-programmed tasks.

The moment these are deployed, and a nano-technology infused vaccine is deemed mandatory, at that exact point the government has also decided that Transhumanism -the merging of man and technology- is also mandatory.

In effect, it's like being forced to get chipped - but this is on a whole different level of invasion - which also involves and fundamentally alters the way the human body operates: Its natural defenses are considered inadequate and new, artificial means, are used to "enhance it".


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