Saturday, January 21, 2017

Congress needs to pass a law forcing CNN to open it's comment section!

So when they run propaganda pieces like this...

Protesters rally worldwide in solidarity with Washington march

I think of everybody in the leftwing universe no one is hated and despised more than the feminist bitches!

They are working for the globalists to take down our borders and bring in billions of rapists and murderers from the third world to kill us in our own countries!

No joke that's exactly what the plan is. If this comment section was open there would be thousands of people threatening to kill them right now! CNN knows it so they have no comments allowed. We're going to put up the illusion that these fucking traitor cunts are popular. They're not! People actually want to kill them at this point.

What is all this women's march BS about? They're trying to inspire support in Europe because they know they're about to lose 3 elections! In the Netherlands, France and Germany!

Well Merkel is going down and there's not enough feminist cunt slut traitors on Earth to save her!

I can't wait until evidence of their plan to bring in billions of trash from the third world to use as an army to kill whites in their own countries comes out. It will probably come out as drips and drops but it's coming and when people see what they were trying to do THEY'RE GOING TO WANT TO KILL THEM!

Their day is coming!

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