Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is ESPN’s Liberal Political Agenda Contributing to its Serious Viewer Slump? $DIS

ESPN’s viewership continues to slump. The sports cable network, majority owned by Walt Disney, is down to 87.8 million domestic subscribers according to just released figures from Nielsen. Subscriptions are decreasing each month.
ESPN has lost its primetime ratings crown to Fox News Channel and ratings of “Monday Night Football” are down 12% from the previous season.
Many of ESPN’s woes stem from so-called “cord cutting”. TV viewers are increasingly shunning pricey cable TV packages in favor of trimmed down options that don’t include the high priced sports network.
But growing evidence would suggest the subscriber slump is also driven, in part, by viewer disgust with ESPN’s politics. The network has become increasingly liberal of late, not bothering to disguise the left-wing sympathies of its presenters and commentators.
Viewers, it seems, are getting sick of the side order of conventional liberalism served up with their diet of sport by ESPN personalities such as Max Kellermanand Michael Wilbon:


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