Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Admits Being A CIA Globalist Stooge Meant To Destroy The West

Yes that's Gloria Steinem admitting she worked with the CIA! I'm always amazed at the low intelligence of people who can't see that the left are completely phony people! It's why they're so involved in the arts cause it's all deception and political theatre with them. It's surreal to watch them hurl Nazi insults at white people when they've been working for the Nazis all along. The CIA was formed using Nazis "operation paperclip" can be googled even by drooling stupid young people.
BTW Timothy Leary was a CIA asset too. As were most of the rockstars from the sixties and on and on it goes. They're all liars and deceivers every single last one of them! Steinem is 81 years old and she's at the communist cunts march today. I can't wait until she dies so I can say burn in Hell bitch!

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