Monday, January 30, 2017

False Flag Attack in Quebec Canada Aimed at French Front Runner Marine Le Pen

From the NYT...

The organization, Bienvenue aux Refugiés, said in a Facebook post that Mr. Bissonnette had made remarks critical of feminists and foreigners, and that he had expressed sympathies online with the National Front, the far-right political party in France.

Marine Le Pen is Front National's candidate! 

She's in the lead... 

SHOCK POLL: Marine Le Pen to LEAD French presidential race in first round of voting

The NWO and the deep state are very worried about the EU elections. Unfortunately for them the French aren't stupid!

Neither is Trump. The FBI wants to talk to this guy BEFORE he is found dead in his cell!

Marine Le Pen still ahead in poll for first round of French presidential election with Fillon and Macron neck-and-neck

 Marine Le Pen, of the National Front, is ahead in the polls with 25 percent
 Conservative Francois Fillon, independent Emmanuel Macron on 22 percent
 Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon is trailing way behind on just 15 percent
 In the second round of voting she is likely to be defeated by Fillon or Macron
 In 2002 her father Jean-Marie was beaten by Jacques Chirac in second round

PUBLISHED: 12:17 EST, 30 January 2017 | UPDATED: 12:18 EST, 30 January 2017

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Far-Right National Front, is still ahead in the polls as France heads towards the first round of presidential elections in the spring.
A poll by Kantar Sofres put her on 25 percent, ahead of Francois Fillon, a conservative former prime minister, who is now neck-and-neck with Emmanuel Macron, a maverick independent, who is polling better than expected.
Fillon is on 22 percent and Macron is on 21 percent.
The Socialist candidate, Benoît Hamon, who was only chosen in a primary yesterday, is trailing on 15 percent.
But only two candidates make it into the second round of the presidential election in May and Le Pen is still expected to be defeated by whoever makes it through.

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