Friday, February 19, 2016

Europe's Biggest Traitor Federica Mogherini wants the UK in the EU XXXTT

Yesterday the traitor bitch said this!

Remarks by Federica MOGHERINI, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC, upon arrival to the European Council 

Brussels, 18 February 2016

First of all, I hope that we will have a deal with the UK, a deal that can make the European Union stronger and the UK part of a stronger Union. 

We will have a point on migration where it is clear to everybody now that we have to avoid unilateral steps, national illusions of a solution. There are only European solutions, not national ones. So we need to have all measures that were already decided implemented by all of us, in full. This is the only way forward. We will also need to discuss,  in the coming weeks, further European policies and measures and instruments, for sure the revision of Dublin that was already mentioned in the past months as a necessity. We work on that as well. 

Of course she's an unelected communist cunt who is trying to get the European woman raped ON PURPOSE! 

Which is why the EU has to be destroyed! 

They have a choice, there can be a peaceful breakup or there can be a revolution. What there can't be under any circumstances is women like Federica Mogherini having any power over any life form. She shouldn't be allowed to own a dog let alone be in charge of SECURITY for an entire continent! Trying to get women raped on purpose should be a death penalty offense. Hopefully after the destruction of the EU, traitor death penalty laws can be passed so Frederica can be hanged in public! 

This Week’s E.U. Summit Could Decide Whether the European Union Remains United 

The answer is NO! 

My earlier work on her she has "secret society' wrote all over!

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