Sunday, February 28, 2016

Super Tuesday Scorecard: Big night possible for Donald Trump

ALABAMA (50) delegates

Trump at 36 percent,
Rubio at 19 percent
Cruz at 12 percent


Cruz leading at 27 percent
Trump and Rubio at 23 percent each


Trump pulling away, taking 45 percent compared to 19 percent for Rubio and 16 percent for Cruz.


But Trump appears headed for a runaway victory.

He drew 10,000 supporters to a rally in Lowell last month, and an Emerson College poll released this week shows the front-runner with a 50 percent support and a 34-point lead over the next closest contender.


The most recent polling in Minnesota is from January, and found Rubio in the lead with 23 percent, followed by Cruz at 21 percent and Trump at 18 percent.


A survey from the state’s largest newspaper released this week found Trump in the lead with 29 percent, followed by Rubio at 21 percent and Cruz at 20 percent.


A survey from mid-January by Middle Tennessee State University found Trump dominating with 32 percent and a two-to-one advantage over Cruz, who was a distant second.

TEXAS (155)

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Cruz has about a 7-point lead over Trump.

Rubio is flirting with the state’s 20 percent threshold and risks getting shut out for a cut of the 44 at-large delegates. There is no prize for finishing in third place at the district level either.


But Trump is running away with the contest, according to a Castleton University poll released earlier this month, taking 32 percent. Rounding out the field are Rubio at 17 percent, Cruz at 11 and Kasich at 10.


A Monmouth University survey released Thursday showed Trump topping 40 percent in a state that some believe should cater to more mainstream conservatives, like Rubio or Kasich.

Rubio is a distant second place at 27 percent and no one else is competitive.

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