Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Red Papacy by Michael Tsarion... Great Interview

This is some of the best research on the Vatican I've ever seen! It's a MUST READ for people who want to understand the Vatican's 2000 year old reign of deception!

The Red Papacy
& Advent of Euro-Communism

by Michael Tsarion

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  1. This was well written and I agree with the majority of it but I wish that they had cited some sources because I want to see who these "Jews who profited from communism "were,I think thay were probably incarcerated with everyone else, read solchenitsyn if you think the most ardent commies survived. Read Springmeir the 13 Satanic Families this willshed light on the fact that the people being blamed as the :Jews: who run anything are actually all atheists and non jews.