Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ancient megalithic yard: 2.722 feet

Ancient European megalithic structures were constructed using the "megalithic yard." This includes Stonehenge, and most of the very ancient sites in the British Isles and on parts of the European mainland. It is not, as some say, a "Druidic unit of measure," since the Druids did not construct these sites. They were constructed by some of the ancestors of the Druidic cultures... by the original proto-Europeans.

In Appendix III, entitled The Minoan Civilization of Crete, we present a few passages from the book The Knights Templar Revealed, by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe. The passages deal with the so-called "Megalithic Yard," a measurement that ancient western adepts frequently employed when laying out and constructing innumerable sacred sites (stone circles, dolmens, cairns, tumuli, and so on) throughout Britain and Europe. --Michael Tsarion

Pentagon is said to have been built using megalithic yards.

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