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"Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok's iPhone"

When you're a conspiracy theorist things like this don't surprise you. All I needed to know about Robert Mueller was that he was the head of the FBI when 9/11 happened. He let the Bin Ladens fly out when everyone else was grounded, he let the 5 dancing Israelis from the "urban moving systems" who had been casing the country all summer go. And look at this! Mueller was born into and then married into a family with high-level ties to covert CIA operations. ...

"Since 1966, Mueller has been married to Ann Cabell Standish. The Cabell family includes Charles Cabell, the deputy director of the CIA under Allen Dulles. As part of the fallout of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Cabell was forced to resign by President John F. Kennedy in January 1962. His brother, Earle Cabell, was the mayor of Dallas in 1963 where and when Kennedy was assassinated. The 2017 JFK document releases have also proven that Mayor Cabell was a CIA asset."

Wow! That's interesting. Didn't Kennedy say something about splintering the CIA into little pieces?

"Mueller, himself, is a relative of Richard Bissell, the CIA’s director of plans at the time when it utilized the U-2 spy plane, formed closer ties to the mafia, planned assassination plots against Castro, and directed the Bay of Pigs invasion."

There's that Bay of Pigs thing again! The truth is that Mueller was put in place at the FBI 7 days before 9/11 because he was picked to cover up the inside job operation and that's what he did. Mueller is not only a crook he's a traitor who murdered 3000 of his own citizens! IMO

"On May 16, 2017, Mueller interviewed with President Trump to again serve as the Director of the FBI but was not hired. The very next day, on May 17, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller to serve as special counsel for the United States Department of Justice."

And his numbers wow!

Robert Swan Mueller = 77 (Full Reduction)
September Eleventh = 77 (Full Reduction)
World Trade Center = 77 (Full Reduction)
Washington DC 77th meridian
Pentagon hit by flight 77

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok's iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New "FBI Lovebird" Texts

Image result for kennedy cia into pieces

"Robert Swan Mueller 3rd" = 911 (Satanic)

Mueller married Ann Cabel Standish on 9/3/1966
Mueller became FBI Head on....

Sat, 3 September 1966 = 18th of Elul, 5726
י״ח בֶּאֱלוּל תשכ״ו
Parashat Ki Tavo (in Diaspora)

Tue, 4 September 2001 = 16th of Elul, 5761
ט״ז בֶּאֱלוּל תשס״א
Parashat Ki Tavo (in Diaspora)

Parashat Ki Tavo / פרשת כי־תבוא
Parashat Ki Tavo is the 50th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.
"פרשת כי־תבוא" = 33 (Hebrew Reduction)

Ki Tavo, Ki Thavo, Ki Tabo, Ki Thabo, or Ki Savo (כִּי-תָבוֹא‬ — Hebrew for "when you enter," the second and third words, and the first distinctive words, in the parashah) is the 50th weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה‬, parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the seventh in the Book of Deuteronomy. It constitutes Deuteronomy 26:1–29:8. The parashah tells of the ceremony of the first fruits (בִּכּוּרִים‬, bikkurim), tithes, and the blessings from observance and curses from violation of the law.

First fruits = bikkurim
"בִּכּוּרִים" = 17 (Hebrew Reduction)
"bikkurim" = 94 (English Ordinal)
Mueller became FBI Director on 9/4
"first fruits" = 770 (Jewish)
"first fruits" = 165 (English Ordinal)

Mueller wife's relatives....  

Earle Cabell (October 27, 1906 – September 24, 1975) was a Texas politician who served as mayor of Dallas, Texas. Cabell was mayor at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was later a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Cabell was the 4th of 4 sons of the then former 1900–1904 City of Dallas Mayor Ben E. Cabell and also the grandson of the former multi-term City of Dallas Mayor William L. Cabell of the late 19th Century. He was the brother of Charles Cabell, who was deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency until Charles was fired in the wake of the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Cabell and his wife met President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy at Love Field on the morning of November 22, 1963. Cabell's wife reported that while riding in Kennedy's motorcade through Dealey Plaza, she observed "a rather long looking thing" sticking out of a window of the Texas School Book Depository immediately after the first shot. After receiving word from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he was the subject of a death threat, Cabell was guarded by police when he traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend Kennedy's funeral and also upon his return to Dallas.

One version of John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, the "Renegade CIA Clique" theory, implicates Cabell and other alleged conspirators, including CIA officials James Jesus Angleton, William King Harvey, and Cabell's brother Charles Cabell. This theory claims Earle Cabell re-routed Kennedy's motorcade as a favor to his brother

Charles Pearre Cabell (October 11, 1903 – May 25, 1971) was a United States Air Force General and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1953–1962).
He was the son of Ben E. (son of Confederate general William L. Cabell) and Sadie E. (Pearre) Cabell 

Majestic 12 maybe? 
n 1949, Cabell set up Project Grudge to "make a study reviewing the UFO situation for AF HQ." However, Grudge quickly became all but moribund, while simultaneously reporting that all UFO cases were being closely investigated. When Cabell learned of this, he ordered Grudge dissolved and ordered that the "open minded" Project Blue Book be created.

Cabell was forced to resign as Deputy Director by President Kennedy on January 31, 1962, following the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Cabell's brother, Earle Cabell, was Mayor of Dallas when Kennedy visited that city and was assassinated, on November 22, 1963.

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