Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Facebook's "white nationalist" ban

Zuck banning white nationalists? Is he banning black nationalists, or Jewish nationalists, or Asian nationalists, or Latino nationalists? NO! Just white people! This is violating white peoples' free speech rights. It's racism against white people and we need a LAW SUIT! Let's get this in the courts. I predicted this would happen 2 years ago. It was easy to predict when the LIARS kept using the phrases, white supremacist, white nationalist, white this white that...

And this is still about the election in 2016 when WHITE PEOPLE, the white working poor in particular, rejected the Democrat party and voted for Trump. Now that the Democrats' completely FAKE Russia collusion story is exposed, they need to shut up Trump supporters some other way because they know if conservatives can talk freely they're going to lose the election AGAIN! . This is it! LIE LIE LIE about who white are and what they're doing. Have LIAR bitches complain about everything being "offensive" and take the competition offline. That's what all this FAKE white nationalism, white supremacists, Nazis, fascist BULLSHIT is about. Make false claims about your COMPETITION to silence them for the next two years so liberal LIARS can LIE to the voters without anybody correcting them.  That's what all these FAKE hate complaints are for to "SILENCE YOUR POLITICAL COMPETITION" in the run up to the 2020 Presidential election!
And the Republicans better fucking do something about this! We've been asking them to DO SOMETHING about ILLEGAL ONLINE CENSORSHIP OF CONSERVATIVES for 3 fucking years! Republicans who DON"T make this a PRIORITY are getting primaried! They take an oath to defend the constitution against foreign or domestic enemies it's time to make that pledge real. The first and second amendments are under attack by domestic enemies and we want something done about it now! !!!!

There is NO Russian collusion, there are NO white nationalists or white supremacists (except for the FBI agents) ONLY AN EXCUSE to censor your political opponents and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

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