Friday, March 15, 2019

NZ PM Key brought in mass amount of migrants because he thought Kiwis were lazy

Well this could be the problem. The last PM brought in a lot of immigrants because he said Kiwis were to lazy to work.

New Zealand Needs Migrants Because Locals Lazy, On Drugs, PM Says

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key (pictured) has defended bringing in record numbers of migrants, arguing that unemployed Kiwis have a poor work ethic and that some “won’t pass a drugs test”.
Speaking on Morning Report Today, the prime minister said the government would continue to admit huge numbers of migrants despite admitting New Zealand’s infrastructure is being strained by the influx.

Key’s comments come after it emerged a record 69,000 people settled in the country of just 4.471 million people in the year to July. New Zealand’s Labour party has criticised the government for bringing in thousands of workers from overseas while 200,000 Kiwis are unemployed.

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  1. Another "Key"? I wonder if he's related to Francis Scott Key? A key just the same anyway. This guy sounds like a character to say the least, lol.