Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Great Replacement #NZ #shooting

The great replacement ........

I went to two junior high schools in LA County. Downey and Bell Gardens when I went to those schools they were 90% white that was in 1965 1996. Now Bell Gardens Junior high is 3% white and I don't know about Downey. Both of these cities are in the 40th district CA which is 5 % white

It's not just white people being replaced it's black people too....

Blacks are complaining about the great replacement too they just call it by another name "gentrification" It's actually Jews who came up with this term to blame everything on white people of course but that's not what happened to Compton. How illegal aliens and their dreamer children took over Compton was by driving by black people's homes and shooting bullets into them until they moved, then they would pool their money and buy the house.

Follow the money... If you watch LA City council hearings every once in awhile a woke black person will speak and accuse the Jews on the council of driving them out of their  neighborhoods. Those black people never get heard.

"demography is destiny" = 236 (English Ordinal)
"population control" = 236 (English Ordinal)
"Political Correctness" = 236 (English Ordinal)
"thirty third parallel" = 236 (English Ordinal)
33° 53′ 48″ N, 118° 13′ 30″ W (Compton)

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