Sunday, April 3, 2016


The Panama Papers: 2.6 TB of leaked data

Süddeutsche Zeitung - APRIL 3, 2016

Over a year ago, an anonymous source contacted the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and submitted encrypted internal documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm that sells anonymous offshore companies around the world.

The Panama Papers" in the English Reduction system equals 64
Synagogue Of Satan" in the English Reduction system equals 64

Süddeutsche Zeitung" in the English Reduction system equals 75
"New World Order" in the English Reduction system equals 75
Süddeutsche Zeitung in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1370 1260 210
1370=137=33rd prime number
March Twenty Second in Simple Gematria Equals: 210

SZ" in the English Reduction system equals 9 (1+8)
Sz in Jewish Gematria Equals: 590
Sz in English Gematria Equals: 270
Sz in Simple Gematria Equals: 45

Mossack Fonseca" in the English Reduction system equals 45
Mossack Fonseca in Jewish Gematria Equals: 469 864 144
Mark Of The Beast in Simple Gematria Equals: 144

two point six terabytes of data" in the English Reduction system equals 112

The data provides rare insights into a world that can only exist in the shadows. It proves how a global industry led by major banks, legal firms, and asset management companies secretly manages the estates of the world’s rich and famous: from politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, to celebrities and professional athletes.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung decided to analyze the data in cooperation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). ICIJ had already coordinated the research for past projects that SZ was also involved in, among them Offshore Leaks, Lux Leaks, and Swiss Leaks. Panama Papers is the biggest-ever international cooperation of its kind. In the past 12 months, around 400 journalists from more than 100 media organizations in over 80 countries have taken part in researching the documents. These have included teams from the Guardian and the BBC in England, Le Monde in France, and La Nación in Argentina. In Germany, SZ journalists have cooperated with their colleagues from two public broadcasters, NDR and WDR. Journalists from the Swiss Sonntagszeitung and the Austrian weekly Falter have also worked on the project, as have their colleagues at ORF, Austria’s national public broadcaster. The international team initially met in Washington, Munich, Lillehammer and London to map out the research approach.

The Panama Papers include approximately 11.5 million documents

Freemasons in Simple Gematria Equals: 115
Lion Of Judah in Simple Gematria Equals: 115
Intelligence in Simple Gematria Equals: 115

It covers a period spanning from the 1970s to the spring of 2016.

Why would the Synagogue of Satan tell us who the criminals are?

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