Friday, April 8, 2016

Pi and the Zodiac

Talk of cycles, circles and the zodiac creates an interesting diversion. Consider a system of English gematria, whereby the letters A- Z are numbered 1 - 26.

Now observe the value of pi, correct to seven decimal places:

Using the gematria chart, this number can be represented alphabetically as either CADAEIBF, CADAEIZ, CADOIBF, CADOIZ, CNAEIBF, CNAEIZ, CNOAEIBF or CNOAEZ. Only one of these letter combinations can be re-arranged to form an English word.

CADOIZ is an anagram of ZODIAC. So zodiac is the only word in the English language whose anagram gives pi, correct to seven decimal places!  Go figure the odds. Start with the fact that there are around 250,000 words in the English language, or that the odds of obtaining these eight numbers using a random number generator are 99,999,999/1.

Biblical Germatria Link


  1. Thanks for that lesson! I remember the Twenty Two Divided by Seven, and not this zodiac stuff - Wild.

    If we continue plating with the anagram - I kinda see IZOD, like the fashion label....that leaves the A&C - which i think would stand for Alligator & Crocodile - like their logo?

    Izod =54. Lacoste =450. 54 & 45 have the same gematria.

    Lacoste =75. Alligator =570. Izod =54. Crocodile =504. Izod =324. Croc =234.

    Three Point One Four =224. Crocodile =224.

    I don't really know where I'm going w/ all that, but love the anagram game you won today. Will always remember the letters of Zodiac match the digits of Pi.

    1. I got it from this website.
      Very interesting work this guy does. I wish I was better in math.