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Ted Cruz's father..

Rafael Bienvenido Cruz was born in Matanzas, Cuba on March 22, 1939.

3/22=322 Skull and Bones

3+22+1+9+3+9=47=Star of David

Ted Cruz was born on winter solstice and his dad was born on Skull and bones day!

Jim Marrs is saying he thinks Ted Cruz's father is the guy in the white shirt standing behind Lee Harvey Oswald!

There are NO records of a Rafael Bienvenido Cruz (Diaz) immigrating to the USA during that time from Cuba.  ‘Subject of Records’, from produced a record of a Bienvendio Gregorio Cruz y Lara who was born in Havana on March 22, 1939, and emigrated from Cuba to the United States but he was a different person with a different history and public records indicate that he died in 2012.  Rafael also claimed he arrived in the USA in Key West, but the problem is that Key West did not have an immigration port of entry so if he came legally he would have had to arrive in Miami. Rafael then claims that he made his way to Austin, TX, where he enrolled at the University of Texas, Austin in 1957 and worked washing dishes at fifty cents an hour to pay for his education. This too is a problem, as U of T did not allow its students to work full time, and required all students to be fluent in English. Is it possible that Rafael B. Cruz used the stolen identity of Bienvendio Gregorio Cruz y Lara? 

Rafael’s first marriage to Julia Ann Garza occurred on January 1, 1959, who it is believed was a citizen of the United States, and this may also be why he wasn’t deported after graduation. Either way he would have had to file for Lawful Permanent Resident status. The birth of Rafael and Julia’s first child was November 22, 1961, Miriam Ceferina Cruz. The birth of their second child, Roxanne Lourdes Cruz was November 18, 1962.  

Cruz older half sister Miriam Ceferina Cruz born on JFK assassination date two years earlier.

Born 11/22/1961 

Cruz older half sister Roxanne Lourdes Cruz 

Born 11/18/1962
11+18+19+62=110= Nine One One
11+18+1+9+6+2=47=Star of David 
1+1+1+8+1+9+6+2=29= masonic

Hey how about the birth dates on the Cruz family? Pretty wild! 

In January of 1959, Rafael Cruz was shown holding a pro-Castro sign during a rally in Texas published in the Havana Times LINK. In the article Rafael B. Cruz stated that he planned to return to Cuba in May of 1959 for the summer and come back to the United States in September of 1959 to continue his education. If this trip actually occurred, it would have been documented in his A-File and would prove that he was in the USA legally.  

Cruz's mother

Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh was born in Wilmington Delaware November 23, 1934.  In 1956, at 21 years of age, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh married Alan Wilson who she met at Rice University in Houston when she was studying mathematics. 

Rice University is where CIA agents go to college! 

As the story goes, the newly hired Eleanor and Rafael started working together as mathematicians for Geocom in 1967. With both being from Texas and alone in an exciting city, it wouldn’t take long for them to become involved, even if they were both married to other people. Within months they were scheming to make their new found love permanent.  The problem was Rafael was married and was not a US citizen. Its possible that Eleanor was  British and there was a record of her US marriage to Alan but no record of a US divorce, and the only reason Rafael was still in the US was because he was married to a US citizen, if he divorced his wife Julia and she turned him in then he could be deported. It is highly suspect  as to why he never filed to become a US citizen during these 8 years of marriage. Perhaps fear of problems with his identity being discovered? 

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Rafael Cruz Sr was arrested and jailed for crimes in Cuba. Cruz stated he was beaten up right after he was arrested. Cruz stated they knocked out most of his teeth and broke his noe. Here is his mugshot. His mouth looks fine. The mark on the nose is from the photograph. I'll try to track down the origin of this photo. 



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