Thursday, May 5, 2016

Brilliant! Nehlen for Congress - #TruthResurrection

Paul Ryan’s Primary Opponent Releases ‘Motorcycle’ Ad: ‘This Bike Was Built in Wisconsin’

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin primary opponent Paul Nehlen is out with his first potential viral video ad of the 2016 election cycle.

Nehlen is a water filtration company executive in Wisconsin who calls himself a tea party sympathizer. He is challenging Ryan in the First Congressional District, prioritizing three key issues: government spending, mass immigration, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Nehlen can gain traction on those issues because of Ryan’s decisions since he’s been at the top of House leadership, responsible in part for crafting a national bipartisan agenda with the Democratic-controlled White House.

Nehlen’s candidacy thus far is reminiscent of the campaign of J.D. Winteregg in Ohio’s eighth district in 2014. Winteregg challenged then-House Speaker John Boehner from the tea party right. Though ultimately defeated, Winteregg compelled Boehner to noticeably campaign in his district for the first time in recent memory, at just the moment when House conservatives sought to push Boehner in the Right direction during the midterm elections.

Nehlen’s motorcycle ad is presented below:

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Paul Nehlen for Congress

Paul Ryan has millions of dollars in his campaign account. We have a candidate who connects with Wisconsin voters and a team that knows how to generate "earned media." If you'd like to see more of these videos, please help us spread the word...and, if you can, chip in a few bucks. We don't need to match Ryan's millions to win this election, but we DO need your help to get our message out. Thanks, as always, for your support...both online and in the district. ‪#‎TeamNehlen‬ ‪#‎DumpRyan‬ ‪#‎MakeDCListen‬

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