Saturday, May 14, 2016

Haitian man holds sign up during #CNN interview in front of Trump Towers

VIDEO Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton's Office Over 'Billions Stolen' by Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation collected billions of dollars to help Haiti after the earthquake and they haven't seen a dime of it yet!




  1. Ah hah! Didn't see this anywhere else -- thanks for sharing it! OF COURSE they've been keeping it all ... why else would the Bush family cabal have EVER been there with Slick Willy? I guess infesting the island with a genocidal epidemic of CHOLERA wasn't devastating enough (prior to the U.N.'s arrival, Haiti had the distinction of being the ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD THAT HAD NEVER HAD CHOLERA ... now they're battling an especially virulent form, brought in by the Nepalese [who carry it in their system because it is endemic in their soil] -- & who "unfortunately just happened" to be dumping their septic waste UPSTREAM & into the only water source in the area. And don't EVEN get me started ranting about all the CHILDREN who've been STOLEN & "DISAPPEARED" ...

    Thanks again -- really enjoy your site!! :D

    1. I miss you I wonder where you went. Hope you're okay Merry Xmas!

  2. I didn't know they got cholera. What's happened to the people in Haiti is a crime against humanity. I hope they follow the witch around all summer and fall with signs. People will post them if they do. The word will get out even if the media doesn't report it the internet will. If you know any good Haitian blogs send me the links and I will help get the message out.

  3. That's great -- I'll see what I can find. It first happened 10 months after the quake, & it took years before much of anything was done about it (STILL ongoing & considered the worst outbreak in recent history). Not a peep out of Oprah or Bill Gates on this front -- they're too busy sterilizing the African continent (now that Cuba's about to hit the skids with the rest of us, the Elite need a fresh playground where they won't have to encounter any of us rabble -- O & G seem committed to helping them realize that pristine vision ...).

    Meanwhile, Haiti has been at the World Court (as recently as last month), trying to FORCE the U.N. to compensate for the damage they've DELIBERATELY caused ... naturally the U.N. has been fighting them (even trying that old "sovereign immunity" ploy) -- despite THEIR OWN "EXPERTS" declaring that this outbreak was COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE & in fact seemed tantamount to CRIMINALLY DELIBERATE.

    From my understanding though, the GOLD REVEALED by this HAARP-induced "quake" IS being mined, the deep-water ports are either completed or nearing so, & the oil refineries that needed them are similarly under way. Seldom mentioned (after the quake) were the early reports about how "Everything Suddenly Turned To DUST" -- EXACTLY like the Buildings On 9/11 ... OR ... how our military had ARMED "Boots On The Ground" in less than 24 hours, GUARDING (what?? -- they never knew ... rotations lasted 6 weeks -- not long enough to "figure out things best left alone" ... I know someone who was sent ... Spec Ops personnel).

    It's so easy to see why the media dangles "shiny objects" like the Kardashians in front of the populace ... can't have people ACTUALLY worried about the welfare of "those dark folks on that island". Let 'em write a check to The Clintons, then go back to their beer, ball games & Walmart. If you ask most Americans to do word association with "Haiti", you'll get 2 responses (& ONLY 2) ... "Earthquake" & "AIDS" ... tsk, tsk.