Monday, May 23, 2016

Ralph Ellis interview.. The Grail Cypher..Was King Arthur Jesus?


This interview is packed full of important details about the bloodlines.. 

Published on May 22, 2016

This show is a follow up with Ralph on his newest book The Grail Cypher. I was joined by Michael Tsarion who had some detailed questions for Ralph on History, Arthurian Legend, Christianity, Astrology, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Queen Helena, and more. Here are the main questions and subjects discussed: 

What really brought down the Western Roman Empire?
Etymology of the name “Arthur.” 

Differing reports of Britain’s ancient historians.
Which historians do not even mention Arthur and why?
12th century accounts vs. 4th century accounts.
Sorting out which Constantine we are dealing with.
Sorting out which Queen Helena we are dealing with.
That the Arthur myth is of eastern origin, grafted onto British history.

Story of Uther and Igraine, similar to that of Zeus and Alcmene.
Connection to Edessa and its history.
The constellation of Orion & 12 trials of Hercules.
New dates for Atonist (Aye and Ankhesenamum) arrival to Britain (Scotichronicon, etc)
Arrival of Brutus from Troy.
British kings hiring romans as mercenaries.
Connection with King Izas of Edessa (Jesus) 


  1. Mary Magdalene Princess of Orange

  2. Jesus King of Edessa